Visited Sri Venkateswara Swamy Vaari (Balaji) & Thiruthani Temples

Got up early and ventured northwest from Chennai to visit two famous temples in Tamil Nadu’s northern neighbor, i.e. state of Andhra Pradesh (AP).  Of course, those who know – Balaji Temple it’s a word-class Hindu site and not to mention with vast wealth.  The grounds show.

The Balaji Temple was at 30% capacity and even at those numbers it is was full enough for me.

On our way back to Chennai, one could see multiple groups of pilgrims dressed in “yellow” garb walking north towards Balaji Temple – days for some in bare feet the entire way including a 4-6 hour hike up the mountain top.

Lots of images to process yet I’m back out Sunday morning to shoot my D300S IR converted DSLR for the first time.  Sunday night will be packed with new adventures to provide you, our viewer.

Here 22 ladies are all lined up to finish planting a rice paddy.  Stopped on the road as the group just took off planting in a somewhat un-orchestrated start.


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