Macro Continued

Today I continued my experimentation with Macro Photography just outside the house, i.e. a photo-crawl.

From a technical perspective it’s a bit boring if all you want is a 100% sharp, in-focus image. (actually I’d love to have a dead-sharp image – in time)

Yet with a shallow depth of field, one can bring out an artistic side taking insignificant objects and making then known to others.

Not sure I’ve accomplished this today, maybe tomorrow.  Need to find some bugs.

Did you know that Butterflies have bulbed antennae, while Moths have feathered ones?  Now we do.

4 thoughts on “Macro Continued

  1. Nice photos I presume this was with one of your current lens.
    I played around in the past with my 70-200 and got good results. Need to meet and have a chat.

  2. I am not telling you but only sharing thoughts with you. After all the technology and the other bunkum, photography essentially is a visual art and the ultimate goal is to ensure pleasure to the heart through a journey from eyes through the mind! Sometimes not being so sharp enhances the value! Like in your ‘DaShanSheYing-883’ picture!

    • Dear Sir, This video describes an understanding of the concentric circles from “Technique” to “Craft” to “Art” to “You” showing one’s journey to the “Visual Artist”. Stuart

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