PSM Macro Photography Workshop — Update

Trying a totally new genre today with a Photographic Society of Madras (PSM) macro photography workshop.  Lucky to test out a Zeiss Milvus f/2 100mm Macro lens. Sweet glass not just for macro but great for street portraits and landscape thus for me an all-arounder.

Had to adjust my hands to manual focus, i.e. no need to push the back-button AF focus (still did).  Now I appreciate the technology of auto-focus as my keeper to scrap rate was not high.

The challenge is to find this little guys hanging out on leaves, tree bark, … which is a totally different mind set.  Great am session learning the ins/outs and the pm session out at Guindy Children’s Park.  Back on Sunday for an “image processing” session.  We don’t call it post processing as that is after processing which is then printing and/or web viewing.

A very informative, skill-set improving and fun workshop.

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