Special Request – Bullocks In Your Face

I need to get out again and witness more agricultural life in India as we all can trace our ancestry back to the farm were an honest day’s work paid an honest day’s wages.

Polambakkam – Bullock Power

Stopped on the way back from Polambakkam to witness rice planting and tree (Tamarind) cutting. Always an adventure.

Rice paddies can be planted 3x per year if there is ample water while ten women can plant rice seedings in a 100 x 150 yard paddy in one day.  Back-breaking work.  The man is using his bullocks to complete the final leveling of the paddy ahead of hand planting seedlings.  Another hard-working job in the mud.

The Tamarind trees along the road plus others are numbered and controlled by the Gov’t requiring permission to cut and delivery for Gov’t auction.  Apparently this wood is used for heating, nothing special like furniture…