Glenn is Gone – Wow Makes One Think

I can say I was privileged to see The Eagles twice, what a performance.  Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Glenn is Gone – Wow Makes One Think

  1. Hey, Stuart,
    Happy New Year, man.
    So, you’re embarking on retirement as well, huh? I did so as of the first of the year….great so far.
    Regarding Glenn Frey, his passing is very saddening to me. I too was a big Eagles fan, especially songs in which he was the lead vocal (no disrespect to Don). I still very frequently listen to Tequila Sunrise, Lyin’ Eyes, Peaceful Easy Feeling, etc. I have a very vivid memory of you coming home for a college break and reporting that you’d attended a concert in which the new Eagles were playing with the group, Bread. If I recall, the lead singer for Bread’s voice cracked disastrously and jeapardized the evening…..until the Eagles took the stage and wowed the crowd. At Frey’s age, until his passing, there was still the prospect for future songs and tours. In their last album, the previously unrecorded song they wrote in the 70’s, How Long, was a nostalgic Glenn Frey (and Henley) smooth vocal, wasn’t it?
    Be in touch, best of luck and good fortune,
    Pete Blazek

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