Infrared Image Gallery

I’m amazed at the ease of using an IR-converted camera.  Sure a little extra processing in Photoshop for white balance and color swap yet in the end well worth it.

Nikon D300S Infrared Converted Camera – 1st Image


Out of camera the IR image is fairly bright red in color as one would assume given it’s IR at 720nm.  This above image is after I applied an Adobe DNG (RAW) file profile change in Lightroom to extend the range of the white balance temperature slider.


Next, the image is taken to Photoshop where a Channel Swap is performed, i.e. Red and Blue channels exchanged.  Have a photoshop “action” already setup to make it happen automatically. I could have stopped here with Faux (False) colors yet took it to B&W.

The featured image is now the B&W conversion processed in NIK Silver Efex Pro, love the high contrast and detail.  Many more to process yet thought I’d stop and share.

Yes this is the second to last step in getting a rice paddy ready for planting the seedlings, i.e. cultivating the mud.  Look at those add-on metal frames over the wheels for traction.

Faces of India

I thought we start-off Sunday morning with a few street portraits from yesterday’s visit to two temples, see previous post.  Smiles from all except the frozen Ghandi human statue.

Visited Sri Venkateswara Swamy Vaari (Balaji) & Thiruthani Temples

Got up early and ventured northwest from Chennai to visit two famous temples in Tamil Nadu’s northern neighbor, i.e. state of Andhra Pradesh (AP).  Of course, those who know – Balaji Temple it’s a word-class Hindu site and not to mention with vast wealth.  The grounds show.

The Balaji Temple was at 30% capacity and even at those numbers it is was full enough for me.

On our way back to Chennai, one could see multiple groups of pilgrims dressed in “yellow” garb walking north towards Balaji Temple – days for some in bare feet the entire way including a 4-6 hour hike up the mountain top.

Lots of images to process yet I’m back out Sunday morning to shoot my D300S IR converted DSLR for the first time.  Sunday night will be packed with new adventures to provide you, our viewer.

Here 22 ladies are all lined up to finish planting a rice paddy.  Stopped on the road as the group just took off planting in a somewhat un-orchestrated start.


Comic Book Smiles

Stop and generate smiles with your comic book images .

Macro Continued

Today I continued my experimentation with Macro Photography just outside the house, i.e. a photo-crawl.

From a technical perspective it’s a bit boring if all you want is a 100% sharp, in-focus image. (actually I’d love to have a dead-sharp image – in time)

Yet with a shallow depth of field, one can bring out an artistic side taking insignificant objects and making then known to others.

Not sure I’ve accomplished this today, maybe tomorrow.  Need to find some bugs.

Did you know that Butterflies have bulbed antennae, while Moths have feathered ones?  Now we do.

PSM Macro Photography Workshop — Update

Trying a totally new genre today with a Photographic Society of Madras (PSM) macro photography workshop.  Lucky to test out a Zeiss Milvus f/2 100mm Macro lens. Sweet glass not just for macro but great for street portraits and landscape thus for me an all-arounder.

Had to adjust my hands to manual focus, i.e. no need to push the back-button AF focus (still did).  Now I appreciate the technology of auto-focus as my keeper to scrap rate was not high.

The challenge is to find this little guys hanging out on leaves, tree bark, … which is a totally different mind set.  Great am session learning the ins/outs and the pm session out at Guindy Children’s Park.  Back on Sunday for an “image processing” session.  We don’t call it post processing as that is after processing which is then printing and/or web viewing.

A very informative, skill-set improving and fun workshop.

Sholinghur’s Own Camelback Mountain

In the early 50s, my Grandparents (Dad’s side) moved to Phoenix, AZ from Chicago for retirement as Grandpa retired from the IRS – a tax man and avid film photographer with a darkroom in his North Side home.  We had many family vacations headed down “Old Route 66” from Chicago.  Made it in 24 hours, non-stop in a 1966 Olds Toronado one time.  As a kid, I loved the open space of the West and the times we had.

In Phoenix, Camelback Mountain is an icon that over the years has been like many places encroached by man.  See the two old photos above.

As I saw this hill hear Sholinghur it immediately reminded me of Camelback Mountain.


Special Request – Bullocks In Your Face

I need to get out again and witness more agricultural life in India as we all can trace our ancestry back to the farm were an honest day’s work paid an honest day’s wages.

Polambakkam – Bullock Power

Stopped on the way back from Polambakkam to witness rice planting and tree (Tamarind) cutting. Always an adventure.

Rice paddies can be planted 3x per year if there is ample water while ten women can plant rice seedings in a 100 x 150 yard paddy in one day.  Back-breaking work.  The man is using his bullocks to complete the final leveling of the paddy ahead of hand planting seedlings.  Another hard-working job in the mud.

The Tamarind trees along the road plus others are numbered and controlled by the Gov’t requiring permission to cut and delivery for Gov’t auction.  Apparently this wood is used for heating, nothing special like furniture…